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Missing good, old-fashioned playtime? We are bringing it back. Our secret? Harnessing the immense power of story. We put time-tested characters from favorite tales at the heart of high-quality play sets that combine reading with art, building and imaginative play. A world of interactive possibilities empowers kids to make their own stories in this familiar setting, letting their creativity fly! And we have exciting news. We're featuring brand new packaging for our toys (as seen on our listing) and are producing them right now. They will be ready to ship October 1st. :) Storytime Toys is a boutique design and manufacturing firm that brings beloved children's books to life as play sets. Founded by MIT engineer/designer Kara Dyer and RISD artist Sara Argue, Storytime hatched an idea for play sets that combine three things young kids love: storytelling, building and creative play.
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